Navagraha Sahita Shri Lakshmee Hrudaya Mantra Yaaga

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With the Grace of Lord Shri Krishna and blessings of His Holiness 1008 Shri Sugunendra Theertha Swamiji, Venkata Krishna Vrundavana, UK is pleased to perform Navagraha Sahita Shri Lakshmee Hrudaya Mantra Yaaga :

The “Shree Lakshmee Hrudaya Mantra” is from Artharva Rahasya (Upanishat of Atharva Veda). ‘Navagraha’ Mantras are from Rig Veda.

Our ancient scriptures say that participating in this powerful Yaaga one will receive overall prosperity through:

  • Peace, happiness and good family life.
  • Success, Health, and Wealth
  • Getting rid of Debts and Financial Difficulties
  • Protecting you from enemies, fears, obstacles and challenges

As stated in Bhagavad Geeta,

The righteous who partake the remains of the sacrifice are feed from all sins. The very process of worshiping Almighty, meditating upon Him and offering special oblations to Him with devotion through divine Agni (the sacrificial fire) in authentic way, is called as ‘Yaaga.

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