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As per Uttaradi Mutt, Rigveda Upaakarma has to be observed on Aug 7th due to Simha Samkramana on Aug 17th. But it’s not applicable to UK as we have Simha Samkramana on Aug 16th itself.

So there are no issues for the Satvikaas living in the UK to observe Rigveda Upaakarma on Aug 17th.

What’s Upaakarma ?

Upaakarama is NOT just changing the YajnOpaveeta. That’s a pure ‘ Vaidika Prakriyaa’. Uplifting or Inspirational Kriyaa to upsurge our faith and enthusiasm on our daily AnushTaanaas and Vedic studies.

For nUtana Brahmacharis it’s an auspicious day of ‘Veda GrahaNa’- Obtaining the Vedas.

What is a good day to observe Upaakarma ?

Rigvedis – on the day of ‘Shravana Nakshatra’ in ShraavaNa / Simha Maasa. In case of Ekadashee, Dwadashee, SamkramaNa Doshaas, the alternate option is – ‘the day of Hasta Nakshatra’

Yajurvedis –Shraavana Poornima

Sama Vedis – Bhadrapada Tritiya with Hasta Nakshatra

Atharva – Shraavana Poornima

What are the procedures involved in Upaakarma ?

Below are the steps followed in Rigveda- Ashwalaayana tradition (Slight deference is there for Yajurveda, Sama and Atharva followers according to their ‘Sutras’)

  • Ganapati Pooja, Punyaaya Vaachana, Naandi
  • Vedavyaasa + Rishi Poojana
  • Utsarjana Homa
  • Brahma Yajna + Veda Utsarjana + Deva, Rishi, Achaarya, Pitru and Yama Tarpana.
  • Upaakarma Homa
  • Dhadhi Saktu Praashana
  • YajnOpaveeta Samskaara + Homa+ Daana + DhaaraNa
  • Brahma Yajna + Veda Grahana ( Upaakarma)

Punyaha Vachana – Vedic custom to purify our body mind and the premises to begin any Satkarma. And also seeking the permission from All Devatas, Rishis and Brahmanaas.

Panchagavya– Invoking and worshiping the Abhimaani Devataas in Gomutra, Gomaya, Milk, Curd and Ghee. Panchagavya Praashana is to get rid of all the Paapa-s and Deha Shudhi

Naandi – After the Upanayana / Gayatri Upadesha, the NUtana Brhamachari is allowed to perform the Sandhyavandana and Gayatri Japa. But he’s not authorized for the ‘Veda Adhyayana’. He has to continue the AnushTaanaas including Agnikaarya to obtain the Vedas until the of Upaakarma . ‘The Meaning of the word ‘Upaakarma’ is ‘Obtaining’. So this day is very important for him to obtain the Vedas. To seek permission and blessing from ancestors his parents have to perform the Naandi Poojana.

Vyasa + Rishi Pooja– To offer our gratitude to the Lord and all the Rishi-s for gracing us with right knowledge.

Homa , Brahma Yajna, Utsarjana and Tarpana – ‘Acharya’ has to perform the Homa and offer ‘Pradhaana Ahutis’ to Devataas with specific Mantras on behaf of all the ‘Shishyaas’. Then the ‘Brahma Yajna’ has to be done by everyone. Utsarjana means dispensation. We are requesting all the ‘Veda devataas’ to take leave from our Budhi to Obtain ( Upaakarma) them back with fresh mind and new spirit. As we cleanup and rearrange all the things at our home occasionally to feel fresh. We perform the ‘Tarpana’ to Devatas, Rishi, Acharyas and ancestors to submit our gratefulness for their immeasurable blessings in our lives. (all these Utsarjana procedures are not for Nutana Brahmacharis)

Upaakarma Homa , Dadhi Saktu Praashana, Upaveeta Acharya has to perform the Upakarma Homa and offer the Ahutis of ‘Dadhi Saktu’ a paste of rice flour and curd with Vedamantras. Remaining ‘ Dadhi Saktu’ has to be taken by all as ‘Vyasa Prasaada’ and to make this ‘Saadhana Shareera’ sacred. Then the ‘Samskaara’ to YajnOpaveeta – invoking the ‘Tantu’ Devatas. Upaveeta Daana to Acharya with Dakshina (‘any daana without Dakshina is not Satvika’ says Lord in Gita 17/13) Upaveeta Homa – YajnOpaveeta (without a knot) has to be offered to ‘Parmaatma’ through Agni by Acharya. Then the Dhaarana of YajnOpaveeta as per Acharya’s instructions.

Brahma Yajna, Upaakarma – Again all have to perform ‘Brahma Yajna’ and welcome (ObtainUpaakarma) Veda Abhimani Devataas back to our ‘Budhi’. KrishnaarpaNam.

~ Yogeendra Bhat

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