Rigveda and Yajurveda Upaakarma 2016

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Dear Devotees,
Please note the details of the RigUpaakarma (On Wednesday, 17th August) and YajurUpaakarma (On Thursday, 18th August) program at Venkatakrushna Vrundavana as under:

  •  From morning 6.00 am to 6.30 am – Upaakarma Homa.

  • From 6.30 am to 7.30 am –  Nitya Upaakarma and nutana Yajnopaveetha Dharana Vidhi.All are most welcome to attend the above program but are requested to kindly confirm your attendance to Shri Santhosh Bhat on 07448504858 or  02037744051.

(1) You need to bring *Jala Paatre and Udharane* and all other items required for the Upaakarma will be provided by the Mutt
(2) You may also bring fruits and flowers for the offerings
(3) Breakfast will be provided after the Upaakarma on both days.
(4) Mutt address: 36, Station Grove, Wembley Central, HA0 4AL.
(5) You are most welcome to make any donations to the Mutt.
Venkatakrushna Vrundavana
Notes: If you cannot attend the Upaakarma at the time slot specified above due to unavoidable circumstances and need to  perform the ritual later (but before noon) either on 17th or 18th August, then please contact the priest who will consider your request however subject to availability of time due to other concurrent programs at the Mutt

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